Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic

Boutique Skin Care Practice In Harlem

Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic is Boutique Skin Care Practice located in the Heart of Harlem. This is where I share my passion for skin care, beauty and helping others. We’ve coined what we do in our practice as “Mindful Beauty”. My promise to you is to exceed your expectations, transform lives through our practice, empowerment and education.

❤ Seven



Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic has one simple vision, to help the world find their beautiful. We do this through the practice of mindful beauty, and delivering an indelible guest experience with every interaction. This business was started in the back of a one room shop in 2011. The vision was to educate everyone regardless of race, gender, and income about mindful beauty.

Founded by master esthetician and clinical beauty educator Seven Brown, this olistic skin-centric empire that not only speaks but shows the power of


holistic skin-centric empire that not only speaks but shows the power of personal care on the skin. Her multi-tiered approach to skin care doesnʼt begin and end with a simple slather of cream. The term “expert” often has many faces, and Brown embodies them all: she is an educator, an esthetician, an entrepreneur and even a fabulously fit mother of four, who imbues each area of her practice with sensitivity, care and sustainability. Just look at Seven herself and itʼs obvious the woman practices what she teaches.