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Boutique Skin Care Practice In Harlem

Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic is Boutique Skin Care Practice located in the Heart of Harlem.  This is where I share my passion for skin care, beauty and helping others.  We’ve coined what we do in our practice as “Mindful Beauty”. My promise to you is to exceed your expectations, transform lives through our practice, empowerment and education. Join Whil using the code (HarlemSkinClinic60) 

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Healthy Skin Plan- 4 FacialTreatments


Healthy Skin Plan- 4 FacialTreatments

400.00 1,025.00

An amazing Series of Facial Treatments prepare you for healthy summer skin.  1 (PEEL or MICRODERM), 1 FACIAL & 2 MICRO-NEEDLE

How it works: Two treatment per month  for one person - non-transferable. Missed appointments do not roll over. Cancellation policy applies. Limit 2 packages. 

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Face or one Body area

Suitable for every skin type, color, and area of the body. Treatment takes 30- 45 mins. 6  treatments spacing determined by severity of skin issues, individual goals, and health of the skin.  Regular Price for each $125-150 Appointment required.